Congratulations!  Look at our pupils’ latest achievements on the merit board this week:

Rec: Ivy, James, Freddy and Holly

Year 1: Quinn, Andrew, Harper and Lake

Year 2: Samson, Skyla, Grace and Cruz

Year 3: Jonah, Patience, Pria and Bentley

Year 4: Cole, Charlie, Isla and Harvey

Year 5: Christabelle, Brax, Ella, Ava and Lacie

Year 6: Ennis, Henry, Jack and Avarni

Head Teacher: Ella (Yr5), Bentley (Yr3), Elvin (R), Hunter (R) and Lucas (R)

Winning Team week ending: 10.5.24

The winning team this week is Yellow Team with 346 points.

Green Team – 289 points

Red Team – 294 points

Blue Team240 points

Golden Broom AwardNursery

Golden Trainer AwardReception