Congratulations!  Look at our pupils’ latest achievements on the merit board this week:

Rec: Freya, Nancy, Teddy and Hunter

Year 1: Halle, Libbie, Florence and Joshua

Year 2: Evie, Dolly, Quinn and Noah

Year 3: Amelija, Mila, Seth and Elvis

Year 4: Charlie, Summer, Joshua and Harvey

Year 5: Emma, Tom, Harley and Autumn

Year 6: Ennis, Charley, Beau and Stephen

Head Teacher: Florence (Yr1),Libbie (Yr1), Paityn (Yr3), Osheanna (Yr2), Aniyah (Yr2), Summer (Y4) and Miles (Yr1)

Lunchtime Merits:

Winning Team week ending: 2.2.24

The winning team this week is Yellow Team with 360 points.

Green Team – 287 points

Blue Team – 348 points

Red Team – 314 points