Eating at School

RRSA Article 24 – Children have the right to good quality health care, clean water and nutritious food

School Meals

School meals are prepared each day at school by our cook Mrs Malkin and there is a choice of both main course and dessert. We are extremely conscious of the importance of a healthy diet and healthy choices are always included on the menu.

Lunch Menus 2023 – 2024

Winter Menus – January 2024

Packed Lunches

We are pleased to say that all of our children are taking advantage of the free school meals that are available here at school. If any parent wishes to discuss this further, please make an appointment to see Mrs Brentnall.


We are proud to be involved in the Fruit in Schools scheme funded by the National Lottery. This provides all Key Stage 1 children with a piece of fruit each morning breaktime. Please tell us if you do not wish your child to be involved. Children can of course bring their own piece of fruit to consume if they wish. For Key Stage 2 children we operate a Fruity Tuck Shop each morning, where a piece of fruit can be bought for 20p or again, children may bring their own healthy snack.

Please note that sweets, crisps, chocolate etc are not allowed for breaktimes.


Lots of research has been done into the benefits of children having access to drinking water. It is believed that drinking water throughout the day improves alertness, concentration levels and the ability to learn.

We have introduced a scheme that allows each child to have their own water bottle, filled each day from our filtered water machine, and kept on their desks for personal access. School can provide water bottles at a cost of £2 or children may bring their own. The bottles must be taken home weekly for thorough cleaning and brought back to school, filled, each Monday.


Parents may choose to order milk for their child to have during the morning session, and this is free for children under 5yrs. The milk scheme is run by Cool Milk and parents wishing to take advantage of this should complete an application form available from Mrs Foster.

Mrs Brentnall’s Cookery Recipes

Why not try something new tonight?

Mozzarella and Red Pepper Tarts
Sri Lankan Omelette Curry

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