Gabrielle Reddington

County Durham has been our home since 1997 and my work with the County Council’s Education team takes me to schools all over our wonderful County. I have worked with schools covering all ages and know that building strong foundations from the very earliest days in school is the key to learning. When I visited Cleves Cross, that is what I saw in action and it is a privilege to be part of the governing body for such a very special school and our wonderful pupils.

I have been teaching and working with schools for over thirty years, mainly in the North East, and have a strong interest in how children learn to read, the curriculum they study and the development of staff who make the magic of learning happen. I spend time as a governor looking at the work school is doing around reading and the development of the curriculum.  As a Mum of three very different children, I know that school days and growing up are not always straight forward for children or their families. Schools are so important in supporting the personal development of our children and my hope is that all children attending Cleves Cross leave school ready for the joys and challenges of life.

Outside of work and schools, I am involved in my local parish and I play the cello very badly in a local orchestra. I have a busy extended family who keep me on my toes and we love to spend time walking the hills and beaches of Durham.