At Cleves Cross, our main aim is to equip children with the creativity and imagination that allows them to experiment and develop their own artwork. We want to equip children with the knowledge and skills needed to create, craft and design art as well as allowing them to experiment with their learned techniques when entering their secondary school environment.

Children will understand the importance of art and how it contributes to our local community and wider cultures. Using links such as local mining artist ‘Norman Cornish’ we will ensure children understand the uses and application of art within hobbies and careers. Children will also learn about other significant local and national artists, designers, and architects and how their work has influenced society.

We recognise art as an important subject that adds value to other subjects allowing them to build links within skills. Our progressive curriculum from Nursery to Year 6 allows children to experience a wide range of art forms. At Cleves Cross we aim to develop valuable, experimental and creative citizens that will flourish in a society beyond our school.

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