Computing Intent Statement

At Cleves Cross, our main aim is to inspire the next generation of computational thinkers. We want to ensure they are equipped with a range of skills to allow them to explore their creativity and the principles of information and computation.

Our computing curriculum gives all children an opportunity to explore a variety of digital systems and programs. Children will be equipped with the fundamental skills needed for a future in an ever-changing digital world. Creating products, games, codes, documents and content among others allows children to hone in on their skills and further the understanding of how computing transfers into later life skills.

Children’s progression within digital literacy and online safety will ensure they understand how to be responsible and competent in staying safe and reporting concerns. Becoming confident digital citizens will ensure they can apply their understanding into practical experience.

At Cleves Cross, we aim to support children in their exploration within computing, we endeavour to mould a generation of confident, creative responsible generation of digital citizens that can flourish in their long-term computing ventures.

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Our Aims for Our Pupils

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