Curriculum Intent 

At Cleves Cross we have a carefully planned progressive curriculum to enable children to develop knowledge of a range of genres of musical styles. We feel it is important to share the background to these styles of music and allow the children time to share their own musical views and ideas with others.  Music is not limited to individual lessons and may be used as a way to engage children within other curriculum subject areas.


Children may aspire to have a career in music or use music as a tool to express themselves throughout their lifetime.  Children will have respect for the role music plays in society and respect for the influence that music has had on culture over time. Children will challenge themselves to appreciate different types of music and for this to impact positively in their own lives.


At Cleves Cross we enjoy listening, playing, singing and composing as individuals and together.  All children are given opportunities to play instruments and we hope that children will aspire to play instruments both for fun and to a graded level, creating a skill for life.  At Cleves Cross, those pupils who have shown a love or a talent for instruments are given the opportunity to work alongside the Durham Music Service to play woodwind instruments in KS2.


Children that enjoy singing are given the opportunity to join singing club.  Here children sing for fun and are given opportunities to perform at seasonal events in the community if they wish. This helps to build team skills as well as individual confident singers.


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Our Aims for Our Pupils

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