Science Intent

Science at Cleves Cross provides children with the opportunity to understand the world around them and provides an exciting context to apply many of the other skills and disciplines they learn at school. The Science National Curriculum identifies three key areas in which the children should be taught: knowledge and understanding; working scientifically and the application of science.


Our school has a carefully planned science curriculum that ensures children, from Nursery to Year 6, cover these three aims in an accessible, creative and engaging way. Our curriculum is designed to be accessible to all so that every child knows, remembers and understands more. We believe that children learn science best by doing and seeing; by providing the children with a range of opportunities to actively carry out different types of scientific enquiries, we ensure that working scientifically and application of knowledge is embedded into the heart of our science curriculum.


Specialist vocabulary for topics is taught and built up, and effective oracy to communicate ideas is encouraged throughout. In each year group, children will learn about a significant scientist from the past and a contemporary scientist who has developed their field on the shoulders of the greats from history.


Opportunities are planned to ensure the wider curriculum is embedded throughout and to deepen children’s understanding of science. At Cleves Cross, we aim to develop the necessary knowledge and skills in science that can transfer into their further education and beyond.

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Our Aims for Our Pupils

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