Our Local Governing Body

Cleves Cross Primary School is a member of Cleves Cross Learning Trust. The Board of Directors of the Trust has identified that each school in the Trust will have a dedicated committee to oversee the governance arrangements of the school on their behalf. This committee is called the Local Governing Body and its members work closely with the Head Teacher and the school’s leaders in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for all pupils. The organisation and structure of the LGB is determined by the Board of Directors as the school is part of an academy trust.
The Chair of the LGB for 2023/24 is Anya Stephenson and he can be contacted at  www.clevescrosslearningtrust.org.uk
You can find out more about our governors by clicking on the links in the table below:
Name Representing Committee Monitoring Groups Term of Office Ends Resigned Responsibilities Register of interests
Christine Brentnall (Head)




Anya Stephenson


Parent Gov LGB



11/25   SEND
Pupil Premium
Charles D. Pybus Director Appointed Gov LGB EYFS 11/27   Pupil Premium
Gabrielle Reddington Director Appointed Gov LGB


Reading First and Foremost

6/25   Reading
Curriculum Review
Wider Opportunites SDP
Victoria Brown Parent Gov LGB Wider Opportunities 11/27   Attendance
Wider Opportunities SDP
Kevin Hodgson Director Appointed Gov LGB Oracy 9/26   Sports Premium
Wellbeing SDP
Joshua Blood Staff Governor LGB   11/25      


Governing Body 2021/22
Role of the Local Governing Body (LGB)
The role of the LGB is to provide confident, strategic leadership and to create robust accountability, oversight and assurance for educational and financial performance. The LGB meets termly and its work reflects the Trust’s Scheme of Delegation that identifies the duties delegated to the LGB by the Board of Directors.

Governors work very hard to ensure that they know what it is like to be a learner in the school and undertake a range of activity in relation to the three core functions of governance: i) Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction.  The LGB helps to shape the vision for the school and governors review this annually, as well as looking at the progress being made against the school’s aims. The School Improvement Plan (SIP) identifies the school’s priorities for the year and the LGB is instrumental in working with the Head Teacher to develop this and then monitoring progress against the identified priorities for the year. Governors are linked to areas of the SIP and undertake a range of activity – meeting staff, talking to pupils, reviewing plans, looking at pupils’ work – so that they can see the progress being made against the priorities for themselves. Governors are also linked to other areas and aspects of school life – e.g. safeguarding, Pupil Premium- and this helps them to understand the school and enables them to build relationships with members of staff. This ensures that the decisions they make are based on a good knowledge of the school. Governors report on their activity to the meetings of the LGB so that all governors are aware of what is going well and what is in need of development. Governors also identify and then manage any risks that might impact on the outcomes achieved by the school.

ii) Holding school leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils, and the performance management of staff.   Governors act as critical friends to the Head Teacher and are always striving to ensure that the school is doing the best it can for every pupil. Governors look at the information provided by the school on the progress and attainment of pupils and, for example, challenge the Head Teacher when performance appears to be uneven or inconsistent. They ask about the organisation of the curriculum and the quality of teaching in the school. Governors also look at a range of external data and information to see how their school compares to local and national benchmarks. iii) Overseeing the financial performance of the organisation and ensuring that money is well spent for the benefit of all pupils.  Governors are involved in discussion about the projected budget for the year but the final decision on the school’s budget is taken by the Board of Directors. Governors then receive regular updates on the progress of the budget for the year and challenge where there appears to be variations in what has been spent compared to what was expected to be spent.

Governors also receive information about the school’s plan for spending its Pupil Premium grant and PE and Sport grant. The school provides regular updates on the impact of these plans to meetings of the LGB.
How To Become A Governor
​If you would like to find out more about the role of a governor and are interested in becoming a governor then please, in the first instance, contact the school office who will put you in touch with the person who supports the Trust’s governance arrangements.
Statutory Governance Information
The school is required to publish certain information about its governors.
Attendance  please click here to review governors’ attendance in 2022/23


We hope this information was helpful about the governance arrangements of our school.