Meet the Staff



Head Teacher

Mrs Christine Brentnall is the Head Teacher

Deputy Head Teacher / Year 6

Mr Jonathan Hornsby is the Deputy Head Teacher.

Year 6

Mr Josh Blood and Mr Jonathan Hornsby are the Year 6 Teachers. Mrs Laura McAuley is the Teaching Assistant.

Year 5

Mr Michael Donohue is the Year 5 Teacher and Mrs Kath Brown is the Teaching Assistant.

Year 4

Mrs Janine Atkinson (Asst Head Teacher/SENCO} and Mrs Marian Forsyth  are the Year 4 Teachers.  Miss Ashley Robinson, Mrs Jackie Whittaker and Mrs Lynn Wall are the Teaching Assistants.

Year 3

Miss Sophie Daglish is the Year 3 Teacher.  Ms Larissa Jones and Mrs Lynn Wall are the Teaching Assistants.

Year 2

Mrs Julie Tate is the Year 2 Teacher and Mrs Julie Cross is the Teaching Assistant.  Mrs Barbara Hawman will work between Yr 2 and Yr 1 as an additional Teaching Assistant.

Year 1

Mrs Jill Stamper is the Year 1 Teacher, Mrs Deborah Slater, Mrs Laura Elliott and Miss Megan Whales are the Teaching Assistants.

Reception Class

Mrs Lauren Richardson is the Foundation Stage Teacher. Miss Gemma Hodges and Mrs Marie Punshon are the Early Years Teaching Assistants.  Miss Megan Whales, Teaching Assistant, will work across both of our Early Years classes. Miss Aislinn Paley and Miss Isabel Wooton  are the EYFS Apprentices.

Ms Sally Reynolds will be working in early years across the Trust.


Mrs Hannah Snowball is the Lead EYFS Mrs Carol Morrison and Mrs Rebecca Richards are the EYFS Teaching Assistants. Miss Claudia Chapman is an EYFS Apprentice.

Support Staff

We have invaluable support staff here at Cleves Cross who are an integral part of our school team.

Mrs Karen Oliver, Business Manager, Mrs Ruth Hardy and Mrs Jill Bowman are the Administrative Assistants.  Mr Vince Carr is the Caretaker. Mrs Margaret Hall and Mrs Emma Knowles are the School Cleaners.

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants

We have 4 Lunchtime Supervisors – Mrs Emma Todd, Mrs Beverly Basham, Mrs Diane Podmore-Hayat and Mrs Joanne White.

School Lunch Team

Although technically employed by the School Meals Contractor, Taylor Shaw, our School Lunch Staff are a key part of our School Team. Mrs Alison Malkin is the Unit Manager, whilst Mrs Margaret Hall and Mrs Joanne Horner provide assistance.