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What We Do

The School Council is composed of 2 representatives from Reception to Year 6. During the first weeks of term all classes invite prospective school council reps to give a speech to the class explaining how they will represent their views on  the school council. Each class then has a secret ballot or blind count to choose their reps.

The school council meets monthly and considers all aspects of school life. We have been involved in interviewing prospective teachers, deciding on spending priorities and designs to improve the school grounds and help to organise several fund raising activities. We also regularly discuss school  issues and factors affecting teaching and learning.

Who We Are

School Council


Rights Respecting Group

Eco Ambassadors

Leap Leaders


Buddies and Mini-Buddies


Learning Detectives


Community Ambassadors



We  have Buddies, Mini-Buds and Leap Leaders who help us everyday.  We also have Learning Detectives who help with our jewel powers.