Dear Parents,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone back to school–after such a long and unprecedented break for many of you! A special welcome to our new pupils and parents who have joined us in Reception Class too .I am aware that you have received lots of messages over the last few months around school organisation and I hope that you have found them useful and informative. As we start to return to our new normal, I will aim to send out newsletters every other Friday to update you with happenings here in school. The newsletters will go out via our app, so please make sure you have it downloaded and working –it’s invaluable for keeping you updated. If you are struggling with getting the app to work, please give us a ring at school and we will be able to assist.

Attendance guidance for Parents

Parent information letter for September 2020

Covid 19 letter to ALL parents 30.9.20

Can my child go to school today?

Flu Immunisation Information Leaflet

Parent Guide

New Starter Information

Parent Guide Reception Class
Starting arrangements Sept 20
Tapestry Online Journal

Scamps Parent Guidance during Covid


We want to keep you informed!There is always lots going on in school and whilst we are limited at the moment, we do want to keep you updated and also sharewith you many of the activities and learning tha thappens all of the time.As well as newsletters every other Friday –sent via our app, and posted here on our website,we also useTwitter and Facebook to share information and photographs. Our calendar on the school websit is also populated with events that are planned. Check it out, together with lots of other school information at

Twitter–look for @clevescross and click ‘follow’. It’s a great way of sharing our school life with you.


Communication with class teachers

It is strange not being able to build face to face relationships with parents, especially as children move into their new classes. We do want to keep channels of communication open though  and therefore we are keeping our class emails going – the same ones that you used during lockdown. So, if you have a questions, information or would just like to give some feedback to your child’s class teacher, please use their direct class email. They are all in the same format
Reception Class–
Year 1 –
Year 2 –
Year 3 –
Year 4 –
Year 5 –
Year 6 –
These emails are an ideal way of keeping in touch with class teachers, but if you do have urgent information to pass on, please always telephone school to ensure this is dealt with in good time.