Congratulations to Year 4! Last weeks attendance winners with 98.33%.

Celebrations – Week ending 12th January 2024

Congratulations!  Look at our pupils’ latest achievements on the merit board this week:

Rec: Lucas, Charlotte, Freya and Raine

Year 1: Paisley, George, Harper and Lake

Year 2: Martha, Quinn, Jack and Alexis

Year 3: Mila, Paityn, Daniel and Peggie

Year 4: Braydon, Amerah, Millie, and Caleb

Year 5: Daniel, Brody, Astrid and Autumn

Year 6: Bethany, Louis, Avarni and Savannah

Head Teacher: George (Y1), Braydon (Y4), Savannah (Y6) and Jackson (Y6)

Winning Team week ending: 12.1.24

The winning team this week is Blue Team with 486 points.

Green Team – 468 points

Yellow Team – 481 points

Red Team – 463 points

Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

We hope that everyone has had a wonderful Christmas with their family and friends and want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! We are excited for the coming term ahead and can’t wait to work together again. Just a reminder that school re-opens for teaching purposes on Thursday 4th January. Looking forward to seeing you all!

End of Term Celebration December 2023

Eco Award

Emelia (Rec), George (Yr1), Charlotte (Yr2),  Annalise (Yr 3), Seth (Yr4), Theodore (Yr5) and Maebh (Yr6)

Handwriting Award

Isla (Rec), Arya (Yr1), Taylor (Yr2), Willow (Yr 3), Matilda (Yr4), Poppie (Yr5) and Charley (Yr6)

Good Citizen Award

Evie (Rec), Libbie (Yr1), Maddie (Yr2), Pria (Yr 3), Amerah (Yr4), Brax (Yr5) and Milla (Yr6)

Effort Award

Freddy and Freya (Rec), Andrew and Lake (Yr1), Grace and Ava (Yr2), Patience and Hollie (Yr 3), Cole and Summer (Yr4), Astrid and Layla  (Yr5) and Beau and Ennis (Yr6)

Achievement Award

Mia and Frankie (Rec), Miles and Eliza (Yr1), Louis and Joel (Yr2), Paitlyn and Rayne (Yr 3), Caleb and Layla (Yr4), Tom and Oscar  (Yr5) and Louis and Thomas (Yr6)