School Newsletters

School Newsletters

Our School Newsletter is uploaded every two weeks to our website in PDF format.

Our newsletters are full of interesting information about what’s going on in school and includes useful dates for your diary. If you require further information about any of the items shown please contact the school and we will do our best to help.



Spring Term

22nd March 2024

8th March 2024

16th February 2024

5th January 2024

Autumn Term

8th December 2023

24th November 2023

10th November 2023

20th October 2023

6th October 2023

22nd September 2023

8th September 2023


Summer Term

21st July 2023

Summer Reading Challenge

7th July 2023

23rd June 2023

9th June 2023

19th May 2023

5th May 2023

21st April 2023

Spring Term

10th March 2023

17th February 2023

3rd February 2023

20th January 2023

6th January 2023

Autumn Term

9th September 2022
23rd September 2022

7th October 2022

21st October 2022

11th November 2022

25th November 2022

9th December 2022


Summer Term
6th May 2022
20th May 2022
10th June 2022
24th June 2022
8th July 2022

Spring Term
7th January 2022
21st January 2022
4th February 2022
18th February 2022
11th March 2022
25th March 2022
8th April 2022

Autumn Term
10th September 2021
24th September 2021
8th October 2021
22nd October 2021
12th November 2021
26th November 2021
10th December 2021

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Nursery/Reception Newsletters

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Archived Newsletters

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If you require a particular newsletter, please contact the school and we will do our best to help.

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