Celebrations – Week ending 15th March 2024


Congratulations!  Look at our pupils’ latest achievements on the merit board this week:

Rec: Phoebe, Holly Wayman, Isla Frankie and Freddy

Year 1: Elise, Teddy, Paisley and Phoebe

Year 2: Niya, Odin, Noah and Louis

Year 3: Patience, Daniel, James and Georgie

Year 4: Harley, Isla, Matilda and Tilly

Year 5:

Year 6: Louis, Millie, Jackson Mundy and Maebh

Head TeacherNiya (Y2)

Winning Team week ending: 15.3.24

The winning team this week is Yellow Team with 384 points.

Blue Team – 281 points

Green Team – 306 points

Red Team – 331 points